It's time to get ahead of the game.

Your Help Made The
Wedding Perfect

And Your Best Friend Is Grateful

Now, isn't it time to help yourself a little?

Hi, Maid of Honor!

As the maid of honor you have many responsibilities.

These include helping with the hen's night, helping the bride organize the wedding – and helping out by giving a speech.

This last one can be a bit tricky.

You're not giving advice, or providing assistance.

There's no final decision maker– because it's just you, in front of everyone.

Plus, you're going to be giving a speech around the same time as the best man – one of the highlights of the entire day.

So, how do you standout on this occasion?

The same way you helped the bride prepare for her big day – by planning in advance.

Now Help Yourself With The Perfect Maid Of Honor Speech!

Like everything else on the big day, you can't leave your maid of honor speech until the last minute.

You have to be prepared in advance!

Even if you're unsure what to say, or how to say it, my customizable speech templates will help you find your voice.

The proven speech structures simplify the drafting process by giving you a range of options that suit your personality.

Whether it's a funny story you want to share, a sentimental moment that will melt the audience or a personal mix of humorous and poignant, my e-books have got you covered.

Maid of honor, here's what you need

I can give you:

What does this mean for you?

Just imagine:

Don't just take my word for it!

See what real Maids of Honor just like you have to say about my e-books!

"...I did it!"

maid of honor

I wanted to sincerely thank you for helping me write and deliver a memorable speech for my newlywed friend.

Honestly, I’m such a lame public speaker and I’ve had countless embarrassing moments standing in front of a bunch of people. I just can’t seem to shake off the tension and nervousness off my system. Just seconds away from delivering my piece, I’m almost instantly immobilized and mentally blacked out.

But after I got several tips from you, I gained enough confidence and surely, I made it! I even made my friend cry to my surprise. I guess I must have touched her through my speech. I have no doubt in recommending your wedding speeches to my family, friends or anyone who has a STAGE FRIGHT for that matter.

More power to you!

Susanna H.
San Diego, CA

"...the most special moment"

Hello Brendon,

I wish I had a picture of me when I gave my speech to show you how well I delivered and how I’ve mustered enough confidence to convey my wedding wishes to my best friend. Many approached to tell me how wonderful and touching my speech was. I recall looking my best friend straight in the eye and telling her how grateful I am to be a part of her life and even at the most special moment of her life, she chose me to be her maid of honor.

Your book has very practical tips and the speech templates are very well presented. I won’t have second thoughts of recommending it to my family and friends. 

A handful of thanks to you and your book!

Chicago, IL

"..gave me the jump start that I needed"

Hi Brendon,

Your book really gave me the jump start that I needed. My speech must have been great ‘coz I made the crowd laugh and cry a little bit with me. I injected some of the funny stories you provided and it really sent the guys laughing. I’m not a natural comedian but it proved me wrong. Now, I feel I could pursue a career in a comedy bar! But that’s beside the point. I just really wanted to thank you and tell you how much the book helped me.

Thanks again and Kudos to you!

Vanity Robertsen
Vancouver, Canada

"...wonderful Ideas"


I would like to grab this opportunity to thank you for giving me wonderful ideas on what to put in my speech. I moved my best friend to tears but I knew she was sincerely touched by my speech. Not only did I deliver a great speech, I was able to step up my confidence level. Certainly, I made a memorable speech that day.

I hope you continue to offer easy and practical guides in the future. Your book is a worthwhile material that can be used for ages. Loved it!