Did it slip your mind?

Let's Face It
Making A Speech Is Hard

And you have more important things
on your mind.

Things like, oh, getting married?

Hi Groom-to-be!

Getting married is a big deal.

You knew that when you got engaged.

And now that the day is here, you have so much to say - and so many people to thank!

You can't leave people out – they might get upset.

And at the same time, you want to share how you feel on this momentous occasion.

How will you get through it all gracefully in front of your new partner?

Happily, It's Easy To Stay Focused

You know there's a lot to get through.

But getting it all down on paper can be difficult.

So what you need is a simple way of structuring your thoughts.

A proven solution that lets you say what you want to say, while checking off all the boxes.

A modular speech template that gives you the confidence to stand up in front of your loved ones, knowing that you're off to a great start in married life.

Groom-to-be, here's what you need

I can give you:

What does this mean for you?

Just imagine:

Don't just take my word for it!

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"...it was a blast, I must say."

Hi, I’m Lex and I just wanted to give you two thumbs up for helping me have a great wedding celebration. It did not come off as easy but it was a blast, I must say.

groom speech

Just before my wedding, I was scared to death about writing my speech. I’m not a good speaker, nor am I a good writer. A couple of weeks before my wedding, I got hold of your material and it was a life saver! Right then, I knew what words to say in my groom’s speech.

I rarely say this about any product but your book was well worth it. Nothing can amount to the great feeling that I had after delivering such a good speech and everyone just loved it!

"...it was all praises"

Hi Brendon,

I really owe you one. I thought it’s just cool to say anything on my wedding. But after I read your tips, I realized I shouldn’t even mention inappropriate circumstances of my life or I could’ve put my foot in my mouth! I’m really glad I did not ruin my bride’s special moment. Actually, it was all praises for my beautiful bride. After all, for me, she’s the spotlight for that day.

Richard A.
Oklahoma, USA

"...enjoyed and loved my speech"

Hello Brendon,

I wanted to send an email to say a big thank you for letting me out of a sticky situation. You have a good understanding of what people (like me) want to say in their speech by delivering it in a manner that’s not too mushy but also witty. I believe everyone enjoyed and loved my speech.

I definitely would recommend your book to anyone experiencing the same dilemma before their wedding. Your templates are very reliable and helpful.

Dublin, Ireland

"I saw tears fall down her cheeks"


Man, you saved me from a lot of hassles! I couldn’t care less when I know this is a very important event in my life. I was groping for the right words to say and I didn’t have second thoughts using your wedding speech template.

Right then, I knew I touched everyone, especially my wife when I saw tears fall down her cheeks. I could have never made it without your help. Thanks to you and your wedding templates.

My deepest appreciation,