Give them what they really want!

Your Best Friend Just
Got Married

And Yes, The Bridal Party Looks Lovely

But everyone is waiting for your speech!

Hi, Best Man!

Did you know that you are the unofficial star of the reception?

Yes, the bride looks amazing, and the groom is a lucky man. But traditionally, the Best Man's speech is the least formal – and the most entertaining.


Because you have interesting personal stories about the Groom.

He knows it, the audience knows it.

What will you say? And how will you say it?

All eyes are on you!

Stand Up And Give Them What You Know They Want

Take the guesswork out of planning your best man's speech with my modular template system.

It features proven speech elements that streamline the speechwriting process by letting you mix and match the parts you need.

The personalization sections make sure that your speech is unique – in a good way – so the only funny things you say are the stories you tell.

Best Man, here's what you need

I can give you:

What does this mean for you?

Just imagine:

Don't just take my word for it!

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"I totally recommend the material"

I was recently invited to be my college buddy's best man. I was honored but, truth be told, although I may be quite loud among our circle of friends, I found myself stressed about making the speech way before the event. I turned to the Internet for help and lo! I found myself downloading Wedding Speeches for the Best Man. Several minutes later, I was finally able to relax. After stressing out on what I was supposed to say or do for the longest time, I could not be happier that I was already well-informed in just a couple of minutes.

best man

I delivered a great speech at my man’s wedding. The template and the suggestions provided in the e-book are very useful and I could not have made it through well-applauded had it not been for Wedding Speeches HQ. I totally recommend the materials to my friends and those also in need of a great speech. Not only will you wow your audience but your confidence will also make the groom proud he chose you for the job.

This has been a priceless investment! The e-book saved me from boos and it assured my friend a memorable wedding.
Thank you very much,

San Jose, California


"...thankful for all the tips"

I was thrilled when my close friend informed me that I would be his best man, but when I realized I had to give out a speech, I panicked! I must admit I don’t really enjoy giving out speeches. I was on the verge of backing out, but I just could not say no. Thankfully, I came across your e-book and I had a change of heart. I am so thankful for all the tips on how to write the perfect speech and how to properly deliver it as well. I got a warm applause after my speech. It was truly amazing!

Kudos! And thank you very much,


"...made me so popular"


This e-book made me so popular during the wedding of my best bud. You see, I’ve never been comfortable talking about feelings but I was able to express everything I wanted to say after following the e-book’s tips. I also found the perfect speech template to creatively tell my story. I just added some personal details and everything was in place.

I really think the groom is thankful he picked me for the best man role and I’m mighty proud to have aced it!


"I get a confidence boost..."


I may not be able to fully explain how much I appreciate your help, but do know that I will be forever thankful that you saved my butt twice already. Each sample speech in this module seems to represent every best man in the world in terms of personalities, feelings and messages. This e-book has also taught me which details were appropriate to say or not. You know us guys, we sometimes forget the boundaries.

On separate occasions, I simply had to choose a template and fill in some personal info to get a great speech. I combined two speeches that resulted to a very touching and witty piece. I get a confidence boost every time I receive applause from the audience or a tap on the back from the groom for making an awesome speech. I recommend this e-book to anyone who will soon be making a best man’s speech.