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There are no do-overs on your wedding vows. I can give you the confidence you need to stand proud in front of your guests while making your commitments!

Hi, couple-to-be!

Your wedding vows signify your undying love for your partner.

The promises you make during your wedding are more than just words – they demonstrate the commitment you both will share from that moment onwards.

With so much importance placed on the vows, it's unlikely that you'll forget to prepare them in advance.

But it always pays to be prepared!

Wouldn't you like to have your vows memorized - ready for delivery without prompting?

Perhaps you're happy with the traditional vows.

Or maybe you want to add a little bit of personality to your big day?

In either case, I have you covered.

With my customized system, you won't be caught off guard.

Say what you want to say to your loved one – while removing the chance of a mental blank!

How? With my great range of wedding vow templates!

Each one is professionally scripted and proofed, and features personalization sections that will help make this day your own.

Simply select the segments that work for you, add your own elements and voila! You're done!

Plus, if you follow my guides on speaking in public without stress, I can offer you my personal guarantee - you won't just have the best time of your life with the partner you love; your bride/groom will also love you more for it!

You get all this and more!

Say goodbye to wedding-vow stress, and say hello to a chill new way to have your say!
With my collated wedding vow templates – suitable for Christian and Catholic ceremonies – you get the structured resources that save you time when organizing your thoughts and feelings for your vows.

What does this mean for you?

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See what real newlyweds just like you have to say about my e-books!

"...just perfect"

It is true that wedding vows are least likely to be given attention during the wedding details and preparations. Most, if not all, leave this up to the wedding coordinator to take care of. Just before our wedding, we witnessed my cousin’s wedding and I couldn’t help but imagine it was me and Andy up there, professing our wedding vows.

Their vows for each other were personalized but still traditional. I couldn’t help but approach my cousin after the wedding to tell her how wonderful her vow was. You know what she said? She couldn’t have quite done it without your wedding vow template. Right then and there, I decided I should have a copy of it, and I did!

wedding  vows

Our wedding would not have been a wonderful event without a heartwarming and meaningful promise to each other. It was such a special moment that literally made us both teary-eyed and took our breaths away. I’ll never forget how you’ve helped make it an unforgettable occasion for us. For that, we sincerely thank you.

Keep up the good job!

Andy and Katie
Melbourne, Australia

"...saved me from a lot of hassles"

Hi Brendon,

I wasn’t surprised at all that a wedding can be a stress-filled occasion and yet a very fulfilling event in one’s life. I actually felt that. What I’ll never forget is the heart-stopping scene when I said my promises to my husband in front of everyone because for me, the most crucial part of your wedding is when you profess your commitment and vows to your partner. I was so filled with emotions that I couldn’t help holding back the tears. (Thanks for waterproof mascaras!)

Your wedding vow templates saved me from a lot of hassles.

Thanks to you and your templates!

Sandra Thompson
New York



Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for making our marriage celebration a success. The wedding came out spectacular and everyone just enjoyed it. It turned out as what we had expected and more!

Larry and Katrina
West Virginia

"50th Wedding Anniversary"

Hi Brendon,

Last August 10, we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary by renewing our vows. We just wanted to let you know that the wedding went absolutely great and we give credit to you for helping us. We both cried during the renewal of our wedding vows, and so did the others present that day.

Harry and Erin

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