Mom, what if writing your speech was as simple as raising a glass?

Your Child Is Getting Married

Give Them A Mind Blowing Speech

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Hi Mom!

As the Mom, you are expected to say a few encouraging words on their special day.

You get to make them feel special and loved.

Yes, speaking in public can be nerve-wracking.

And many moms feel anxious that they will not be able to control their emotions on their child's wedding day.

But it doesn't pay to get all bent out of shape.

After all, you're just praising your child and giving thanks to those that they love.

Instead, I'm sure you'll agree that it's better to focus your energy to more important matters.

Things like writing the perfect speech!

Show Them How Much You Care

It's not that hard –once you discover how to write speeches that work!

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"I Rocked"


I could not believe I made it through my daughter’s wedding without making a mess out of myself. I am totally grateful to you and your Wedding Speeches e-book.

When my daughter told me she was getting married, I did not know how to react and was having mixed feelings. My emotions were further stirred when she charmingly requested that I give a speech during her wedding reception. I love my daughter deeply, which is why even if I knew it was going to be difficult for me, I still said yes.


Immediately after my daughter left the house to deliver her good news to her friends, I sat down and asked help over the Internet, which is how I found out about Wedding Speeches HQ and your speech modules. For a very affordable fee, I was able to choose from several wedding speech types and templates. I simply added some personal details and voila! My speech was ready and so was I!

Indeed, my speech wowed everyone listening to it. I was happiest when my daughter thanked me for the wonderful speech, which made her teary-eyed for five minutes! I was simply amazing. And as my son-in-law put it, “I rocked!”

I owe you one. Thanks!

San Diego, California

"...I made her proud."


I’m unsure how you’ve managed to create such a helpful collection but you sure did. My daughter told me how happy she was because of how amazing my speech was. She told me I made her proud and I could not take off that smile on my face for days after the event!

Thank you for being my angel! You have definitely saved me from the wrinkles and the embarrassment of blabbing aimlessly about. Most of all, thank you for making my daughter proud of me because that’s what matters the most to me.

Much love,
Atlanta, Georgia

"..I got over my stage fright"


I gave my speech and everyone began to take out a hanky. I never imagined myself to be such a convincing speaker, especially since I am one to have suffered from many embarrassing stints due to stage fright. After delivering that speech during my daughter’s wedding day, I think, my previous attempts failed because I lacked the confidence in the written material. This time around, I was sure of myself because I was able to practice my speech as I did not have to waste time pondering what to write about.

I did a good job and I would like to thank you for giving me a hand. Plus, I think I got over my stage fright with this experience and I’m ready for another speaking engagement.

To more speeches,


"..she surprised me..."

I wonder how I can thank you enough for making my wedding extra special. My mother, who is not exactly a great public speaker, turned out to be a sensation when she gave her speech.

When I asked my mom to give a speech on my wedding, she hesitated. I knew it was going to be a challenge for her but she worked up the courage to accept my request. I helped her along the way and we searched the Internet for tips when we came across your Web site. Just a few minutes after downloading your e-book and my mom was a changed person. She became excited about making her speech and no longer needed my assistance.

On my wedding day, she surprised me with such a lovely recollection of precious moments we shared. All stated in a very heart-warming five-minute piece. I am the lucky to have such a cool mom and I am proud to be her daughter.

Thanks again for providing us with instant speeches and creating overnight sensations, like my mom.